What is in a Number?

What is in a Number?
A more correct question is what does this symbol represent? If one views numbers as a quantity, then these symbols guide us in almost every moment of our day. The numbers on a clock remind us of when we need to be somewhere or to do something. While waiting for a red light to change to green, there is a well calibrated timer as to the exact number when it will be green. There is very little in our world of matter that does not use numbers to keep an orderly flow, as well as understand the human condition.

The study of numerology is a study of the quality of a number. Life is about motion, movement or vibration and we each are attuned to certain sounds or notes. Your name when spoken creates movement in the air—sound made by vibration. When you were born you joined this ocean of air and matter within a certain “time”. These are clues as to the “music” you will resonant with, and we usually do not harmonize with all numbers. Ouch! You mean not everyone is like me?

Not all keys on a piano harmonize, yet all the keys are necessary for the piano— it is learning how to play the keys that make music.

There are numerous testing instruments used to decipher “your style” and they are very useful in gaining insights as to your “patterned” style. I found that the more I understood my “style” that this opened my insights, as well as to how others were using their “style”. Then I asked the question, “Where did this core information originate from”? This question directed me into the ancient study of numerology first, and then expanded into other occult studies, as well as different religions.

Numerology appeared as the easier of the occult studies to learn and this was true for me. While I had had my astrology chart read and had played with the stars, my comfort zone at this time did not include astrology. So, I dove into the world of numerology and this pushed beyond learning numbers to sound, music, color, geometry and the cabala. Oh! Did I mention astrology?—what I thought to be too far out for me, was right there, with a very intricate inter-weaving found in each of these studies.
Expressing Yourself Through Numbers is a workbook that gives you the fundamentals to be able to traverse the world of numbers. I believe we are born with innate abilities and potentials. While we will look at a map or can rely on a GPS to get us from one location to another, we spend very little time in understanding our own inner maps. It is much easier to be told what to do and how to think and be, than face ourselves in the mirror. However, Saturn asks us “Who is the author of your life”? And if it isn’t you, then who is it?

What is your destiny? Is there an inner yearning to do something? Do you have an inner knowing that says there must be something more? Numerology opens the way for you to find you. What I have experienced is that few will step into their own path and travel the road of self-discovery and maybe that is just how it is supposed to be. For those who are curious, please join me as we travel down the pathway of numbers.

Now some thoughts and guidelines for traveling down the pathway of numbers.
1. Numerology is the study of energy and motion; listening and observing, and then   measuring patterns of motion.
2. I have traced this study back to the second century and this study could go back further in “oral” tradition.
3. We live in the world of numbers.
4. Numbers represent qualities while figures represent quantities.
5. Numbers follow principles/laws.
6. Numerology provides avenues for expansion of our selves and others.
7. Professional help is one more tool in the process of gaining insight to self.
8. Numbers do not belong to any one religion, culture or country.
9. There are cultures and religions in certain countries that have, for centuries, studied the symbols found in numbers.

There are serious problems that require therapy or more, and go beyond what will be covered in this study of numerology. Professional help can be one more tool for regaining self.

The Four Main Focuses in Numerology
1. Expression
2. Heart’s Desire
3. Outer Mask
4. Life Path