As the years have seasoned me in actually asking more questions and becoming more aware, what I have found is that what I was “told”, as the “only” way, no longer fits. I have found new pathways that allow for a greater perspective of who I am and the oneness of the human journey. Some of the pathways have footprints from ancient “truths” as well as peeking into the possibilities for tomorrows and this holds my questions of today.

Have I found answers? Yes! Have I found solutions? Yes! Are there more pathways to questions that lead to more peaks and valleys to be explored? Absolutely! Do I have the answers? No! What I have found are “truths” that are universal, and it is by these principles that I now view my world. What is above is also below, a vastness filled with energy and possibilities.

Following the clichés was designed for the outside world, and at some point in time the inner self seeks the authentic self, the one that is connected to the beginning of beginnings. I have worn many different shoes as I have walked these footpaths, some seemingly did not fit until I stopped to listen to their message. Years of questions, studying, and travel have smoothed the edges of who I am today. Still steeped with questions and thoughts, only now it is great to have discussions over a cup of tea and scones, soooooo very nice.

Won’t you please join me?

How quickly my views have changed.
There was a time that my perspective was “the” correct view.
Then life began chipping away of what seemed so solid.
Like water slowly eroding a jagged stone.
At times slow droplets of water,
then rushes of water drowning out all old thoughts.
Floods leaving me lost in new lands, struggling to find footing.
Reaching for something to hang onto and then being swept out to a sea of thoughts;
then lost in an ocean of ego and judgment .
The pool that seemed to be so shallow,
Is now so deep that it reaches the universe, as well as beyond.
What held the view of years ago can no longer be seen.
Years of being tumbled and washed again and again by the sea of life,
the jagged edges of stone have been smoothed.