“What we achieve inwardly will change our outer reality” -Otto Rank

Rising from the depths of darkness, a ray of light penetrates the unseeable
Piercing into the unknowable a new way to be
At first this ray is blinding and then it becomes “normal”
Only now, after experiencing light, there is hunger for more—
Thus, the seeker is awakened.

Welcome to Global Footpath!

I had been raised in the cliché of “If you work hard and do the right things, follow what our teachers and leaders instructed us to do, then there really was a living happily ever-after”. However, as I grew from childhood into a young adult and travelled the road into adulthood, these messages just did not fit; in fact they crumbled under my feet. I thought I was the one who had lost my way.

Questioning and asking questions just seemed natural, plus asking the question “why” was second nature to me. Let me state this again. Had I asked the questions that fit within the expected and accepted, I would have been labeled clever and seeking to be a better square or circle or whatever shape was the norm. These were not the questions posed and asked.

The questions that rattled around in my head needed answers and when these questions were presented to those around me, I was told I did not have “faith” or that all the answers were in the “book”. Thinking myself to be lacking in some way, I tried harder to fit in and really believe. There certainly was more, a more open and loving way to be—wasn’t there? See, for me, logic includes the equal yin and the yang, both necessary for the outcome of a third.

Wearing a mask to fit in becomes tedious and heavy; I just did not fit! I wanted to understand and know “why” I did, or believed in something. I have watched others become enraged over a perceived belief and not have the slightest clue as to where, why or how this belief came about. Whole nations/cultures wrap their economy around these beliefs. A form of control or universal truth is my question?