Discovery: Let’s Get Started

Discovery: Let’s Get Started   
1. Use your full birth name; the first, middle and the last name.
2. If there are more than four birth names use only the first and the last name to complete the Expression.
3. If there has been an adoption and a name change, use both the full birth name and the full adopted name.  Which one feels the most comfortable to you?
4. Both the full birth name and the full adopted name blend for a greater understanding of your Expression.
5. Adding the married name is an overlay and does not change the original birth name.
6. Mergers, partnerships and relationships bring together two numbers for the outcome of the third.
7. Do not include Sr., Jr., II or IV, etc. when assigning numbers for this exercise.
8. There are times when a new name is needed for the completion of your Expression.
9. This study is based on the English alphabet plus the number zero.  

Write your full birth name following the guidelines above.

Full Birth Name_________________________________________________________

A, J, S – 1
B, K, T – 2                      3                     6                    9
C, L, U – 3
D, M, V – 4
E, N, W – 5                    2                     5                     8
F, O, X – 6
G, P, Y- 7
H, Q, Z – 8                     1                     4                     7
I, R – 9

1. Place the appropriate number below each letter of your full birth name.
2. Now place a circle around each number that appears under your name, overlapping circles when necessary.

Example: Any A, J, or S in your name would each have a circle around the number one, e.g.
S h a r o n would have two circles around the number one, one circle around the number eight, one circle around the nine, one circle around the six, and one circle around the five. Now complete your name.
What you are seeing are patterns – attributes of where you place your energy, thoughts, time and how you interact in relationships.

Some people say they haven’t found themselves. But the self is not something one finds; It is something one creates. Thomas Szasz

Multiple circles around one or more numbers
If you find a number(s) that seems to have more circles than another, it means a lot of time and energy and focus is being placed in this pattern.


Each chart is unique and must be viewed as a composite picture. The pieces make up the whole and then we each have the component of ‘free will’ or choices as to how the outline will unfold.

Numerologist Matthew Goodwin, a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology brings his scientific analysis to the study of numbers. The following guidelines for intensity of each number can be found in Numerology, The Complete Guide, published by Newcastle Publishing, Inc.
Average quantity of Number
One – Three 1’s
Two – One 2
Three – One or two 3’s
Four – One Four
Five – Three, Four or Five 5’s
Six – One or two 6’s
Seven – Zero or one 7
Eight – One
Nine – Two or Three 9’s

Missing Numbers
Sometimes there will be numbers that have no circles around them. What is innate we move into with more ease. What is new will require more of our attention. Where there are no numbers this is a pattern/energy that will require a learning curve that at times can seem like it is straight up.

You live in the world of numbers, all the numbers. These numbers are not isolated clues, but interlocking pieces of a vast puzzle.

Time to Add
Using the chart for the letters and numbers, write your full birth name on the line below. This time, separate the numbers by the vowels and the consonants. Place the vowels on the top and the consonants on the bottom of the line.
Example:           1      6
                   S  h  a  r  o  n
                   1  8      9      5
Do this for each of the names in your birth name.

Some guidelines with W,Y
W- The only time a “W” is used is when it has no phonic value, which is before “R”, as in wrist, wrong and
wrote. This is a place of differences among numerologists. I look at “W” as a spiritual letter. I read it first as a consonant, then as a vowel. “W” is a letter you grow into and as you mature its effects become more apparent. If you look at the construction of the letter, there are peaks and valleys on the spiritual path.
Y – There again is much discussion as to when “Y” is considered a vowel. This makes sense if you look at the hieroglyphic of “Y”. “Y” represents a necessary decision, about a fork in the road. This is how I work with the letter Y: use Y as a vowel when:
1. Y is pronounced as e or “I”.
2. Y is internal, such as lyric, myth and syllable.
3. Y is used as a diphthong as in lyre, type and psychic.
4. Y is an r-colored vowel. Example; “ur” or “er”, as in myrtle and martyr

Finalizing Your Full Birth Name

Total all vowels to find the Heart’s Desire

Total all consonants to find the Outer Mask

Add the Heart’s Desire and the Outer Mask to find the Expression

In numerology the numbers are reduced to the single digit.

Examples:                                                                  Your Numbers
57 would be 5+7=12, 1+3= 3                                      Hearts Desire__________
268 would be 2+6+8=16, 1+6=7                                Outer Mask___________
134 would be 1+3+4=8                                                Expression___________

Hearts Desire
Heart’s Desire is found in the total of the vowels.
What is your heart’s desire? This is often vague and forgotten in our Western world.
How important is this number in your chart?

Have you ever had a pebble in your shoe? If you do not stop to retrieve this pebble, soon there will be a sore on your foot. If you continue to ignore this tiny pebble, soon it becomes a festering wound. You will stop!
Heart’s Desire is the deepest moral, emotional and intuitive currents of our consciousness. It is that link which connects body and mind to something greater. This ancient wisdom found around the world has been called the “soul”.

Outer Mask
Outer Mask is found in the total of the consonants.
The Outer Masks are the golden chains that keep us prisoner of our own perception and expectations. When we carry around suppressed emotions, it is hard to be honest, open and spontaneous. We do not live in a world without problems. We do live in a world of choices that can begin the journey to find solutions.

The Outer Mask is how others see you. This is the coat we have learned to wear to be safe, get our needs met and survive in the time and place we entered the physical world. We had to give up a part of self to meet these needs. Some of these golden chains still serve us well, however, there are others that need to be cut from our world. It does not matter if the door is flung wide open, if the bird does not know it can fly.

To become authentic and whole one must delve into the shadows. This applies to the personal as well as the collective shadows (each number has a shadow as well).

It is easier to see the shadows of others, groups, cultures, religions and countries. Shadows can be ignored, and this is not without risk.

When looking at the patterns and habits in our lives, we can move from what should be to——–what is——-and what is next.

The April 1998 Life Magazine’s front cover had a double helix spinning with the “heading” were You Born That Way?” Personality, temperament, even life choices; new studies show it’s in your genes. This is not news to the ancient study of numerology. This spiraling DNA holds the various combinations that are sequenced into patterns from which all life is built.
This knowledge has been used for thousands of years.
1. What about fate and free will?
2. Expression is the story and the part you are to play on the stage.
3. Expression is found in the full birth name given at birth.
4. In Expression we find gifts, as well as weaknesses to be revealed.
5. You can modify your birth name; however, the birth name will persist in the desire for expression throughout your life.
Expression has some unique qualities that can hold differences among numerologist

Next we will look at the numbers: Master Numbers, Zero and the numbers 1 thru 9.

Expressing Yourself Through Numbers is the result of many years of seeking and searching the meanings found in numbers. Each individual must put on their own shoes and travel on this footpath to discover what it means to them. There are numerous paths and finding the right path that works for you is vital, for choice is also yours.

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