Thoughts For the Spring Equinox

We stand today in circle
In recognition of the passing of seasons
—of the delicate dance of planets, of the universe, of time
—in gratitude and awe for Life and its process

We stand today in circle
Acknowledging sacred forces we cannot comprehend
—as countless generations that came before us have stood
—as countless generations that come after us will stand

We gather in gratitude for the awakening that this day offers
Mindful that it is ours to choose
—to hold to the comforting past, the known
—to embrace the potential, the unknown that lies in each passing moment

The seeds of becoming open each day, year round
The season of Spring is but a reminder
—we hold the power to awaken with each silent breath
—we hold the power to discover eternity in each unbounded moment

Earth’s history is merely prelude
Our history is merely prelude
—What will we do with the uncertainty that breathes within this instant?
—What will we do with the gift of possibility that each instant brings?

We stand, we share, we celebrate, we cherish, we love
Life and its changes—its ends and its beginnings
—the exquisite uncertainty of being human
—the infinite joy of friendship—of being One.

We are deeply grateful to publish this contribution from our friend and colleague, Carolyn Mears, who was inspired to write this in celebration of the Spring Equinox on March 21, 2011.