Welcome fellow traveler.

We’re glad you’ve found us. We’ve created this site to provide as access to those of you who are in search of your own life pathway. Likely you have been at it for some time and feel the desire to be part of a larger community to share the journey.

This is the Global Footpath.

We are a community of teachers, writers and artists who have experienced life in corporate and educational settings with a belief that all individuals can pursue life with a sense of strong spiritual identity. It is possible — and absolutely necessary — to thrive and feel a sense of purpose no matter what you do. As the saying goes, the joy is not necessarily the destination, but in the journey.

Through our workshops, gatherings and articles we hope to inform you of the tools and ideas to help you along the way. We also hope to inspire you to assist others on the Global Footpath through sharing your wisdom and experience. As you will see, we, the founders, come from diverse backgrounds and life experience, offering a wide variety of perspectives. For us, there is a beautiful resonance in common ground as well as diversity.

Wishing you good journeys,

Sharon Hoery and Lynn Melena